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Adequate coverage has become paramount
Prevention means peace of mind


We take into account your requirements, as well as your economic capacity and we look for the perfect solution for you.

Prevention is living
with peace of mind
We are leadersMurguía You Choose, We Care

We advise you on how to purchase the ideal policy for you, which will be your shield and support in the future in case of any unexpected event. It will be the economic support for you and your loved ones if something should go wrong.

  • We will guide you in a personalized way about the scope of the coverages and the policies of the insurance company.
  • You will know all the advantages and disadvantages.
  • We adjust to your budget in order to provide you with the best offer available in the market.
  • We advise you on which coverages you should not miss out on and which you can do without.


Some of the coverages we can support you with are:

Life Insurance:

It is the peace of mind of knowing that you are financially protecting your loved ones after you pass away.

Individual Plan Major Medical Insurance:

With this Policy you can protect yourself against illnesses and accidents that generate significant expenses (there are many companies that offer different coverages and plans).

Auto Insurance

It protects your vehicle against traffic accidents. It covers damage caused by you as well as damage that directly affect you.

Retirement Savings Plan:

It is a financial vehicle that is generally accompanied by a Life Insurance, in which, over a defined period in years, the insured contributes an amount so that at the end of the term he/she can recover the accumulated amount with the generated yield. If during the term of the insurance the insured dies, the beneficiaries will have access to the amount saved plus the compensation purchased in the Life Insurance.

Traveler's Insurance:

These Policies are designed to assist the insureds during a trip in the event of a medical emergency in a country or place different from that of their residence.



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